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I want to start by saying THANK YOU for your patience to those who have orders in place and to those who are checking out my website. My goal is to earn and keep your business today and for years to come. 

I work with companies who offer top of the line products. They won't cut corners by using a lower grade of material or rush through the process just to get gear out. When you get gear from the companies I represent, YOU GET GEAR THAT LASTS. In one way or another, the Corona Virus has impacted us all. Rapture Tactical is experiencing delays in receiving orders but thankfully we are all healthy so we have much to be thankful for. 

We do our best to keep gear in stock. With selling lines that have solid reputations and that are highly sought after,  it tends to leave us selling out quickly. If we are sold out, please shoot us a message. We have multiple orders in place, which means your gear might be arriving at our location soon. Also, we can get a SPECIAL ORDER placed for you at no additional charge.  

We are in different times nowadays where we experience delays beyond our control. We can't change the delays but we can provide you with special savings on your purchase too good to post. Reach out to us, we want to help you get the gear you want and will offer you our Have Patience Good Things Come To Those Who Wait Discount.

To those putting their life on the line every day allowing me an opportunity to run my business safely THANK YOU! 

Team Rapture Tactical